Our Story

Our management team is made up of four individuals who came together because they had a few things in common. They had vast experience working in a global management consultancy firm. In addition, they saw first -hard, how challenging it was to find good employees and establish long-term working relationships.

Through careful observation and intense research, they figured out the right formula to hire and retain the right staff for their organization. Their main finding was that getting it right started from the recruitment process, ensuring that there were adequate parameters in place so that getting the right man or woman for the job is an assurance, rather than a stroke of luck.

Following the success of their recruitment strategy, they left the global management consultancy firm to start Expert Executive Recruiters. Drawing on their collective experience and passion for offering practical recruitment services, the venture continues to grow from strength to strength.

Today, Expert Executive Recruiters caters to the needs of customers from all over the globe, helping businesses hire smart, hardworking, talented and proactive employees. These employees are drawn from a dynamic pool of talent and are the most relevant people for the job at hand.