Our People

  • Hi!

    I’m Miri and I’m a partner at Expert Executive Recruiters. I love my job – connecting people and companies is my aspiration.

    I have a Masters Degree in Organizational Sociology and 14 years of experience in HR positions in different companies all over the globe. I have been a professional head hunter for the last 4 years.

    My experience includes working as a consultant in a global management consultancy company. This experience gave me the tools to get into new organizations and quickly understand their operations. I spent close to 10 years in London, UK, and now, I consider it my second home.

    There are some things you may not know about me: -

    • I am a mother to twins so multi-tasking is my middle name.

    • My motto in life is, "Smile to the world and it will smile back."

    • A good book that I recently read was: The Outliers by Malcolm Goldwell

    Miri Gal Bort
    Managing Partner
  • Hi!

    I am Noa and I am also a senior recruiter at our great firm, EER Global.

    I love my work as it combines a range of things I enjoy - getting to know people and helping them, working in an international environment and always learning new things!

    I hold a BA in International Relations and an MBA. I am also a certified life coach.

    My “romance” with HR started over 12 years ago and I have always worked with people. I have an understanding of multi-cultural environments having lived in Eritrea, the Czech Republic and The US.

    In my free time I am a mother of three, and I love singing and travelling.

    I strongly believe in people, and in exploring opportunities when they come knocking on your door. I believe that real success must be a win-win situation. My motto is, “And yet it moves” Galileo Galilei.

    Noa Livne
    Senior Head Hunter
  • I have been working as a Headhunter, Senior Recruiter and Operations Manager in the recruitment industry since 2007. I am absolutely passionate about inspiring individuals to maximize their own potential while helping organizations transform hiring challenges into practical solutions with tangible results. As part of my third level training, I studied at Berlin’s Humboldt and Free Universities where I earned a Bachelor in Law and Legal Studies, as well as a Bachelor and Masters in International Studies.

    More recently, I have completed a Diploma in Life and Business Coaching with the Irish Coaching Institute (2013). I am also an appointed Director Consultant with BNI (Business Network International) supporting entrepreneurs in achieving their business goals using word of mouth and referral networking. This is achieved by fostering personal and professional growth through mentoring, coaching and training.

    I grew up in rural East Germany, but I have also lived in Berlin and Chicago, and have called Ireland my home since 2007. In my spare time, I play the cello, sing in the renowned Fleishmann Choir in Cork, enjoy travelling, cooking, exercise, nature, culture and the arts. My motto: “Do everything the way you would do anything.”

    Julia Forester
    Senior Head Hunter
  • Hi.

    I’m Judy Horn Goldrab and I am a Senior Recruiter at Expert Executive Recruiters. I began my career in the non-profit sector and in 2005, I transitioned into recruiting within this sector, focusing on health care, educational institutions and cultural organizations.

    In 2010, I joined Expert Executive Recruiters and today, I take great satisfaction introducing high-quality talent to companies where they will be impactful. I enjoy positioning top performers into roles where they can be effective throughout many diverse fields, including medical device, technology, industrial, financial and consumer product markets.

    An English literature major at heart, I love reading and sharing stories, books on all subjects, stories about corporate innovation in the marketplace. The storytelling that I love the most is that close to bedtime. I enjoy traveling, learning about and exploring interesting corners of the world together with my family. Feel free to reach out to me to introduce yourself. I'd love to learn more about you!

    Many thanks,

    Judy Horn Goldrab
    Senior Head hunter
  • Hi! I’m Paul Jason Rhodes but everyone calls me PJ.

    I have come to work in the field of recruitment as a head hunter in a bit of a circuitous manner. I have a history of running businesses of various sizes as well as directing organizations in the non-profit sector as well. My experience in both these sectors has helped me form a unique understanding together with an ability to “cut to the chase” when placing the correct person in the correct position with the correct organization.

    I take great pride in my work, but to a large degree, what gives me an edge to excel within my field is really quite simple. Number one, I am a people person, and number two, I listen. Simple right? But the fact is that these two traits can help anyone excel in whatever your chosen field happens to be.

    EER Global is a unique group of recruiters, head hunters, and business specialists in various fields. Give us a try. We will not let you down.

    Paul Jason Rhodes

    Paul Jason Rhodes
    Senior Head Hunter
  • Ginnie began her executive search and recruiting career as a Copywriter for Bernard Hodes (Recruitment) Advertising, after receiving her Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from Columbia College.  She later joined Spencer Stuart & Associates - an independent, international, retainer-based executive search firm, and spent the next five years as a Research Associate (first in Chicago, then transferring to their Dallas office).  Subsequently, she became a Consultant with Hyde-Danforth & Co. - a boutique search & outplacement firm.  Prior to her current role, Ginnie also had tenure with the Organizational Development Consulting division of Ernst & Young, having assisted Partners as well as client hiring managers, and as an internal search consultant/recruiter for the Southern Consulting Division.

    Early in her career, Ginnie quickly realized that she thrives on uncovering information, and her true talents lie in finding and attracting the best possible candidates, prospects, and sources to talk with about any given client opportunity (10-100+, depending upon niche qualifications, and if factors such as competitive intelligence and succession planning are to be considered).  As a personable, research-based recruiter, she has repeated proven success in effectively establishing initial contact and rapport with both “passive” and “active” candidates to build professional relationships. This is done on the behalf of clients, and requires an assessment of their experience and levels of interest, as well as the development of thorough background profiles. She is skilled at obtaining confidential resumes (as well as vital information not found on a resume or in a CV), and/or gaining referrals of more appropriate prospects.

    Ginnie Bellville