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Hiring Process
What makes Expert Executive Recruiters different is the efficiency of our hiring process.
Professional Relationships with Clients.
A long-lasting, personalized yet professional relationship between you, our esteemed clients, and Expert Executive Recruiters.
Our goal is to help you.
Here at Expert Executive Recruiters, our goal is to help you – our valued clients – save time, money, effort and company resources by taking care of the hiring process for you.

What we do

We have a unique way of gathering the pool of talent that you need.
Our nationwide operations are way to ensure our clients that we will not be lacking of qualified people to hire.
Global Recruitment

Organizations are ever changing due to the advancement in technology and innovations that have elevated business processes. For this reason, the people that work within organizations also need to evolve, becoming more flexible and better suited to meet the changing needs.

Head Hunting

There are numerous ways that one can find the right people for their organization. To begin with, one can look through the applications of interested job seekers to see who would be best suited for the available position.


Finding the people that you need can be a task, especially if you do not have the critical information about them that will facilitate contact. At Expert Executive Recruiters, we are able to overcome these barriers to recruitment and selection.

Recruitment Posting & Selecting

When you need to find the right people for any position, you need to know the right places for you to look. Expert Executive Recruiters can help you look in all the right places so that you find the people that you are looking for.

Our Sectors

The typical recruitment agency will sift through thousands of resumes in the hopes of ‘stumbling upon’ a glowing curriculum vitae so as to find the right man or woman for a job. We have a flawless methodology at Expert Executive Recruiters that ensures our results are based on facts rather than luck.

We can help you find people in the following sectors: -


Ruth Shaked, VP HR
Efrat De Mayo, VP HR
Adi Shina, VP BD

Job Openings

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